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EDP Norfolk Food Awards 2007


UKTV Food Hero's 2006 Award

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Eastern Daily Press Norfolk Food Awards 2007 


EDP Norfolk Food Awards 2007

The Eastern Daily Press Norfolk Food Awards 2007 - Outstanding Achievement Award

proudly on display at Letheringsett mill

At the recent EDP Norfolk Foods Awards ceremony held at the Ramada Jarvis hotel, Norwich, the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award was won by Mike Thurlow of Letheringsett Mill. This award aims to recognise a high level of performance and standards, fresh thinking and by inspiring the development of their skills in others by mentoring.

Quoted from the Eastern Daily Press - ‘Mike’s passion for his mill and his product is infectious, making his school tours popular, time spent with him inspiring, and leading him to win last years UKTV Food Hero Award. Mike has reinvested the proceeds of that win in a new education room, improved facilities and a new set of millstones to help increase production.'


UK TV Food Heroes Award 2006



Mike Thurlow, who has run Letheringsett Watermill, the last working watermill in the county for the last 20 years, celebrates as he was officially named as the nation's Local Food Hero in the competition run by the television channel UKTV Food.

Although the standard of the competition was extremely high, Food Judges including Gary Rhodes, praised Mike and awarded him a £40,000 cheque. This will allow Mike to develop plans he's had for the mill for a while, including buying a third set of mill stones to increase the production of flour by 50% and to create a children's virtual reality centre, an educational facility to increase younger visitors knowledge about where food comes from and how it is produced.

Thanks to everyone who voted on line for Mike at Letheringsett!

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