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Buying effexor online

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Effexor XR is used for treating depression, generalized or social anxiety disorder, or panic disorder.

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  1. Hi letheringsett mill
    I live in Blakeney and want to get on your mail order list and then be able to order spelt flour from you and how much I am able to order? Do you have restriction amount that customers are able to order soon. Do you sell yeast if any type either? Thankyou for your help .
    Lizzie Berning

    1. Dear Lizzie, you are able to order online all products are listed at present everything is showing out of stock whilst we catch up with the mountains of pre paid orders products should be showing available by the end of the week , I will be putting on limited stock so that we only get a couple of orders through a one time I have no way or capping or restricting orders but we ask all of our customers to be sensible we have a large supply of wheat- flour is not going to run out we are milling every day and some night runs aswell (childcare permitting as single parent)
      Kind regards Michelle

  2. Thanks, I’m going to making sourdough bread for delivery to people in the Hickling area particularly those self isolating and those that cannot get to the shops. Thanks for your help. Just wanted to assure you that I was not panic buying. I usually buy your flour from Cooks at Sea Palling and before that Throwers at Ludham and Truly Local in Stalham which has now very sadly closed.

  3. We usually call in to your mill shop on our way between Leicestershire to Mundesley. Unfortunately we are currently locked down in Leicestershire. Would your delivery service deliver as far as Leicestershire, please?
    Many thanks

    1. Dear Sue,
      Yes courier service will come as far as you, online shop is out of stock at present whilst we process orders but will be re stocked again by Thursday
      Kind regards

    1. Dear Judith,
      Delivery charges depend on the weight of your parcel, all parcels are dispatched through DHL

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